What’s in the box?

The dual foam insoles, the SelnerTX™ left and right side orthotics (in the correct size). Instruction manual, and user information.

What’s Optimal Clinical Alignment, and why does it matter to me?
Optimal Clinical Alignment (OCA) is that position in the alignment of your foot where forces are most evenly distributed. It’s important because many people are naturally out of alignment, and this is much like a car tire being under or over inflated. When this is the case in a car, forces travel abnormally up the steering column, impacting the way that the car moves. The closer you are to your OCA, the easier it can be to walk, stand, or perform any type of athletic activity without the discomfort caused by malalignment. By using the 19 available SelnerTX™ settings, you can achieve a position that is comfortable, stable and allows you to function at your best.
Do I need to be an athlete or have certain ailments to wear the SelnerTX™ orthotics?

The SelnerTX™ was designed to align your foot and the lower extremities. When you walk, you’re an athlete. When you stand, you’re an athlete. It’s important to be able to properly manage anything that places forces on the joints of the lower extremity. It doesn’t matter if you walk, run, jump, golf, or ski; alignment is crucial to all of these activities. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day in places like a restaurant, or even at a standing desk, you’re putting pressure on those joints for an extended amount of time, and can certainly benefit from a tool like the SelnerTX™.

If I’m an athlete, how much will this impact my current performance?

Performance in a given sport is a complex matter. The tool itself does not grant you the ability to run faster or jump higher. What is does is help your body manage complex forces as they impact and move throughout your muscles and joints. While this is only one factor that contributes to your overall athletic performance, eliminating the problem of mechanical malalignment brings you closer to peak performance and can reduce your injury risk.

In closed kinetic sports (when the foot is firmly placed on the ground and the joints are compressed by the body weight applied to the foot) such as skiing, golfing, swinging a baseball bat, and cycling, the SelnerTX™ will be of even greater value. Your performance in these sports is related to your alignment.

How long will it take to adapt to the SelnerTX™

Adapting to the SelnerTX™ can vary dramatically for each user. Adaptation is an important part of the overall process. When you change alignment, you change the way muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints are stressed, and you change the way forces move up the kinetic chain. For some people, these changes will be felt more rapidly. It’s so important to let your body adapt in its own natural way, since no two bodies are the same. Our goal is to get your body lined up properly, but you need to do it carefully and slowly. If you are having problems, take the wheel off, and wear the orthotic without the wheel until that feels comfortable.

Can the SelnerTX™ cure my pain?

No. The SelnerTX™ is not a cure. It is up to your physician on how to treat your specific problem. The SelnerTX™ is a tool that can control how mechanical forces move up the kinetic chain. We believe this might be very helpful to your problem, especially if there’s a mechanical cause.

However, there are many causes of pain, whether it’s medically induced or from trauma. You should always consult with your physician so they can identify what’s causing your chronic pain. The SelnerTX™ was designed to control the forces that aggravate problems.

Wearing the SelnerTX™ is causing me discomfort. Is that normal?

There may be some discomfort when you first start using the SelnerTX™ orthotics as your body adjusts to OCA. Aching or soreness can be normal, but this is part of your body’s natural transition, similar to when you go to the gym for a first time in a while.

However, if you are experiencing pain or discomfort that is preventing or limiting you from walking and standing normally, you need to take the SelnerTX™ out and start the adaptation process over again. Leave the orthotic out for a few days and see if the pain disappears. If not, you need to consult with your physician to determine what’s causing your pain.

The shoe you’re using the orthotic with might also cause some issues. If you feel a general tightness, try the SelnerTX™ in a different shoe, or remove the wheel and see if that creates a more comfortable fit in that particular shoe.

Do I need to wear the insoles and the orthotics at the same time?

It’s highly recommended that you utilize both the Dual Foam Insole (DFI) and the orthotic at the same time. Many shoes come with a removable insole that often has arch support as part of it. The SelnerTX™ requires a flat, smooth surface to work properly, which is why we recommend you replace your insole with the DFI to ensure proper use of the SelnerTX™.

While we recommend that you insert the DFI and place the orthotic over it, you can also put the orthotic in first, followed by the DFI. Each shoe is made differently, so you may need to experiment to find the right fit!

Can I wear the orthotic on just one foot?

It’s important to wear the orthotics on both feet at the same time. Wearing on only one can actually contribute to a malalignment syndrome. Most people are built asymmetrically, which is where 19 available settings on each orthotic can really come in handy. You can make it fit for each foot to move as close to OCA as possible. You can align each foot differently, but you need to have both in for proper alignment and proper balance.


What’s in the box?

The dual foam insoles, the SelnerTX™ left and right side orthotics (in the correct size). Instruction manual, and user information.

Where can I find the user manual and quick start guide?

View/Download User Manual Here
View/Download Quickstart Guide Here

What types of footwear can the SelnerTX™ be used with?
  • Active Footwear (shoes with more room)
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Walking Shoes
  • Shoes that usually come with insoles

The orthotic itself takes up room in your shoe, and is unlikely to fit in high heels. For smaller volume shoes, you do have the option to take off the wheel, but we never recommend trying to squeeze your foot into a shoe that feels too tight. If you’re in a shoe that feels too tight without the orthotic, we don’t recommend using it. It’s best suited for shoes with heels less than an inch. Ideally it’s meant to be used in laced shoes (since those provide flexibility).

How does sizing for the SelnerTX™ work?

Sizing can be affected by the length of your toes. The orthotic is only meant to reach to the ball of your foot. We recommend fitting the orthotic on the smaller size (ie. if you’re a 9.5, go to 9). When in doubt, go a bit shorter, since this will prevent the orthotic from going beyond the ball of your foot.

What type of foot do I have?
Can I buy the SelnerTX™ in stores?

Currently the SelnerTX™ is only available online, but we’re actively seeking retail partners to help us bring this exciting product to even more consumers!

What if my feet are different sizes?

If you have different sized feet, it’s likely that you also have legs that are different sizes (known as limb length discrepancy). On the shorter leg, your arch will raise up to make your leg longer, and on the longer side the arch will collapse since your body is trying to compensate for its natural malalignment.

You may need to fit the size to the longer rather than shorter foot, but the DFI can help balance the volume of the two. Because it is truly adjustable, the SelnerTX™ can help you with different arches in ways that other non-adjustable tools cannot.


When will my orthotics be delivered?

We will process your order within 2 business days. Mechanical Medicine will send you an email confirming we have received your order. Once the credit card transaction has been processed, we will send a second email confirming the transaction and provide the tracking number so you know when the SelnerTX™’s will arrive!

What if I ordered the wrong size?

The Mechanical Medicine team understands that people make mistakes, that’s why we offer an exchange policy for sizes within the first 30 days of purchase. Simply contact customer service (cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com), provide your order details, obtain an RMA number, return the wrong size orthotics, and Mechanical Medicine will send new orthotics in your size.

What if you sent me the wrong size?

Oops, our bad. Mechanical Medicine will make it right. Please contact customer service (cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com) and provide your order information. The Mechanical Medicine team will fix their mistake and send new foot orthotics at no cost to you.

I purchased a women’s SelnerTX™, but size printed under the TXWheel doesn’t match what I ordered. What happened?

The number under the TXWheel represents a men’s shoe size. In the US shoe sizing standards, there is an approximate 1 to 1.5 difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizing. For example, a women’s size 8 is roughly equivalent to a men’s size 7. Therefore if you purchased a women’s SelnerTX™, you should add 1 to the number under the TXWheel and that should match your shoe size.

I don’t understand the device or I’m not satisfied with the product. What do I do now?

Upon opening or 30 days after receiving the orthotics, Mechanical Medicine unfortunately cannot provide a refund. However, the knowledgeable staff at Mechanical Medicine are available via support (support@mechanicalmedicine.com) to answer any questions to help you understand the device and begin unlocking the power of alignment.

What if I changed my mind about the product?

The Mechanical Medicine team understands that purchasing decisions can be tricky. If you have changed your mind on the purchase within the first 30 days, and the orthoses are unopened, simply contact the Mechanical Medicine customer service team (cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com), provide your order details, return the orthotics to Mechanical Medicine, and we will refund the purchase price of the orthosis. If it’s after 30 days, we may be able to provide credit.

What do I do if the SelnerTX™ wheel is worn out? The DFI’s?

The Mechanical Medicine team stands by their product. If the TXWheel wears out within the first 90 days, Mechanical Medicine offers a part replacement free of charge. Contact customer service (cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com) with your order information ready, pay shipping and handling costs, and a new SelnerTX™ Wheel will be sent to you so you may continue feeling the SelnerTX™ difference.

What if my SelnerTX™ has a manufacturing defect?

The Mechanical Medicine team strives for excellence. If you have been sent an orthosis with a visible defect or the product fails under normal use within the first 90 days of purchase the Mechanical Medicine team will replace your orthosis free of charge. We request that you contact the service department (cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com), obtain an RMA number and return the defective product back to us so we can quickly address the problem!

What if my orthotics arrive damaged?

If the box arrives damaged, please check the orthotics. The SelnerTX™ is made of highly resilient plastics and may not be damaged. If the SelnerTX™’s, TXWheel’s, or DFI’s are damaged, please contact cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com and our team will help you!

Do I return the Dual Foam Inserts when I am returning the SelnerTX™?

No, please keep the Dual Foam Inserts.

How long will my return or exchange take to process?

Once we receive your SelnerTX™’s, Mechanical Medicine will process your return or exchange within 3 business days. We will send you an email when we complete the processing of your return.

What are your shipping options and rates?

Customers have the choice of USPS or UPS shipping.

What if my problem is not listed on the Return Policy?

Please contact the Mechanical Medicine customer service team (cservice@mechanicalmedicine.com). We will attempt to provide the best solution for you.

How long until I receive a refund?

If you paid with a credit card, your account will be credited back the amount of the purchase minus shipping. Please allow sufficient time for the credit card company to process the refund.