How does

it work


The SelnerTx is a powerful body realignment system capable of redirecting the ground reaction forces moving up the leg into the back into their Optimal Clinical Alignment! The SelnerTx system is made up of the SelnerTx and a Dual Foam Insole (DFI). The SelnerTx is the base foot orthotic and the TxWheel. The base foot orthotic is made of a unique, highly resilient plastic that allows the orthotic to flex easily and return to its original shape assuring consistency, durability, and longevity of the product. The TxWheel snaps into the bottom of the base orthotic. The TxWheel can be rotated into one of the 19 positions so you can find the most comfortable setting for your body! The DFI is an insole comprised of two separate foams that replaces the current insoles in your shoes. The DFI is soft and conforming and together with the SelnerTx creates a unique system to help you enjoy your activities with fewer problems. Since no two feet are alike, the SelnerTx system was designed to precisely adjust to the needs of each individual.

The SelnerTx directly affects bone and joint alignment of the foot, which influences the direction of the forces moving up the leg into the back. The device can be used right out of the box with no adjustment, however, for those seeking a more precise alignment, there are the 19 separate settings to allow the user to customize the SelnerTx to both their foot and activities. Rotation of the TxWheel pronates or supinates the foot redirecting the forces into a more natural position that often reduces discomfort in joints and muscles from mechanical malalignment. The SelnerTx can influence the direction of the forces that occur during standing, walking, running, throwing, cycling, etc., and is completely different from any other product in the market!