In 2008, Dr. Allen Selner created Mechanical Medicine, LLC to develop advanced biomechanical products and services. As an engineer and podiatrist, Dr. Selner has combined his educational background in the pursuit of increasing the precision of clinical results in the field of orthopedic medicine. To that end, Dr. Selner developed a surgical procedure based on biomechanical knowledge, the tricorrectional bunionectomy. Dr. Selner’s protocol allowed for a more precise method of realigning the big toe joint with faster recovery times allowing the patient to return to activities far sooner than other surgical procedures. Throughout his career, Dr. Selner understood that observing the human body in motion provided important data for his clinical decision making process, which led to building a human performance laboratory. Mechanical Medicine’s motion capture laboratory has the capability of measuring how the bones and joints work when an individual was moving rather than sitting still. Moreover, Dr. Selner envisioned using this cutting edge technology to develop more precise products capable of influencing the forces acting on the body during movement. In other words, using sports science technologies Mechanical Medicine has the ability to help millions of consumers suffering with Mechanically-Induced-Pain or wish to improve athletic performance. With this vision, Dr. Selner began a seven-year journey to develop the SelnerTx. The SelnerTx is the world first adjustable orthotic capable of alignment the foot and influencing the forces that can occur during walking, running and standing.


For over 100 years, products for flatfeet (over-pronated) have focused on supporting the arch. Current arch support products are typically made of foam, fabric, and cardboard. While these products may provide some short term relief, however, over time the fabric, foam, and cardboard will flatten out. From an engineering perspective, supporting an arch is great for things like doors and colosseums, structures that DO NOT move! So as long as you are standing still, supporting an arch may be of some value. Most commercial products are designed assuming one “arch” shape is good for all feet; however, we do not know the exact height of the arch or where the arch should be placed. No one really knows!! Therefore, our research indicates that arch supports limit motion of the structures in the foot prohibiting dynamic arch movement, changing the direction of the forces moving up the leg into the back, which can result in discomfort and pain! Of equal importance, individuals with over-supinated or high-arched feet feel discomfort and pain from misdirected forces. Arch support products may push you in the wrong direction. The SelnerTx is the only product that can dynamically control over-pronated or over-supinated feet, improving your body alignment! We have a thought experiment for you! Think of walking, running, and jumping like driving a car. If your car has a flat tire, the steering wheel will wobble. Grabbing onto or replacing the steering wheel will not stop the wobble. The problem is a malalignment of the four wheels, which creates the forces or wobble you feel in the steering wheel. Your body is similar to the car, malalignment of your foot, over-pronation or over-supination changes your body alignment. The change in body alignment redirects the forces up the leg resulting in knee and back pain! Through our study of biomechanics, we now understand that alignment of the foot is essential for controlling the forces moving up the leg to the knee and back. We relied on our clinical expertise and biomechanical understanding to design the SelnerTx!


Balance is essential. The great laws dictate that every reaction is predicated by an equal and opposite reaction, from the ebb and flow of the oceans to the shifting of earth that creates mountains. The human body is no different. Without balance, an act as seemingly simple as walking can lead to unwanted aches and pains. This is the body’s way of telling us that something can be better – it seeks balance. With Mechanical Medicine, the power of alignment is the first step towards superior human movement. Mechanical Medicine. Seek Balance.


We are a biomechanics research and development company specializing in the creation of products and services that will help consumers reduce risk of injury and lessen pain caused by malalignment in the body. Technology has produced incredible advancements in the field of medicine, but people are still walking around with shoe inserts based on designs and philosophies established over a hundred years ago.

We believe that biomechanics can usher in a new era of human performance and pain relief by effectively controlling the forces that impact our bodies from the ground up.

All of our work is based in California at The Center For Mechanical Medicine. There, we’re discovering how to revolutionize human movement one step at a time. Utilizing all the latest technology, our performance lab can measure how the body moves and how it reacts to moving objects. This means providing full analysis of the way that bones, joints, and muscles work in conjunction with any sort of movement, athletic or otherwise.