Athletic movements involve the entire body. Running, climbing, standing or an act as simple as walking can lead to unwanted aches and pains. This is the body's way of telling us that something could be better. The transfer of forces starts and end on the ground with your feet, making them especially important.

This transfer of forces between your feet to the ground and the ground to the feet and up the leg. We call this the kinetic chain. Proper alignment requires controlling motion and realigning joints up the kinetic chain. Most people are surprised to find out they have a special alignment joint sitting right under their ankle (the subtalar joint). This is where the magic needs to happen when your foot hits the ground forces are transmitted up your leg to the knee and back by this alignment joint. And since everyone's kinetic chain is unique to their body everyone needs to achieve their own personal alignment. So either one has a custom device built for them or a device that can adjust to your alignment needs. All motion - whether it is walking, running, or jumping - involves the kinetic chain. Disruption in this chain caused by alignment can lead to Mechanically Induced Pain (MIP)TM or Mechanically Induced Poor Performance (MIPP)TM. Every foot, even your left, and right feet may be different, and the ability to adjust each SelnerTx to improve body alignment will have a dramatic effect on your life.

Similar to how eyeglasses align your eyes, the SelnerTx with the TxWheel can align your feet! This is a revolutionary product that gives you the ability to improve your body alignment! For over 100 years all that has been available are old fashion, outmoded, one-size fits all arch supports made of nothing more than fabric, foam, and cardboard. While these materials are excellent for building a box for shipping, it does nothing to align the body and control the forces for proper functioning.

SelnerTX is the only device that can help align both high arch and supinated feet.
Sizes Available Men's 7-14 and Women's 8-15.


Over 10 years in development by a recognized podiatrist, Dr. Allen Selner, the SelnerTX is the first truly adjustable insert system that gives you control over your alignment. The SelnerTX does this by aiding your body's own natural alignment mechanism, the subtalar joint, located just below the ankle. This revolutionary system is comprised of two parts; a 19-setting orthotic and a dual foam insert. The orthotic is engineered using a high-tech polymer ensuring durability and providing flex to cradle and support your alignment. Using the SelnerTX's unique system, you can unlock the power of alignment by turning the wheel, and find your body's optimal settings. The orthotic is paired with a dual foam insert that molds to the foot, providing comfort and precision motion control. When combined, this system is the only orthotic on the market that gives you control over your performance and alignment using your body’s own natural mechanisms. In other words, the SelnerTX isn't just any orthotic its YOUR orthotic!!




  • MOST "arch supports" are made of fabric foam and cardboard and lack the strength and resiliency to align the body.
    The SelnerTx is the first and only adjustable orthotic that offers the precision to control the forces unique to your body giving the user control.
  • Designed and patented as a two-part system by a doctor/engineer. The DFI (Dual Foam Insole) allows moldability while the SelnerTx offers adjustability and motion control.
  • The SelnerTx is made in the USA and uses unique high tech materials to provide durability, flexibility, precision and amazing resiliency to unlock the natural alignment of your body.
  • Arch supports are outmoded. The SelnerTx is a dynamic system rather than a static system.
  • Simple and easy to use right out of the box.
  • Fully adjustable with 19 setting to allow you to find the best setting for your body.


THE SELNERTX is a helpful alignment device but does NOT replace the care needed by your podiatrist or physician. If you are having consistent pain or discomfort it is ESSENTIAL that you seek proper medical attention and remove the SelnerTX from your shoe until your podiatrist or physician feels that you are ready to return to your activities.


For additional information please click on the attached link to read the instruction manual for the SelnerTX.